Girls of Paper and Fire #1 – Natasha Ngan

First off, this cover is a thing of beauty! Unfortunately I didn't think the contents matched the promise set by this stunning cover. Undoubtedly YA in the quality of writing and of the plot, it is important to note that the book tackles themes of violence, including sexual. Thankfully, these sensitive topics are flagged at... Lire la Suite →

Sweet & Bitter Magic – Adrienne Tooley

[YA, fantasy, LGBTQ+] A nice YA read. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace. Not really slow but slower than most books I've read recently. I got plenty of time to discover the characters. Not hugely original, but good world-building regardless. I just very simply enjoyed the journey this book took me on. I didn't feel... Lire la Suite →

Fate – Winx Saga

I know, I fell into the trending trap. What can I say? I liked Winx when I was young(er), so of course I'd watch the series adaptation that just came out on Netflix. I'll be brief about this: it's a series that had good potential, good budget, good start, but that was ultimately poorly executed... Lire la Suite →

Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

If one sentence could summarise my feelings about this series, it would be this : How had I not heard about this before?? Early in 2020, Sarah J. Maas transformed from a name I had never heard to one of my favourite authors. Throne of Glass is only one of her series, and not even... Lire la Suite →


Late last year, in 2020, I discovered webcomics. I know, I'm late to the game. Well, let me see it this way : I get to read long series in one go, not having to wait for updates! So, for those, like me, who had never heard of webcomics, it's pretty simple. They're comics published... Lire la Suite →

The Two Princes [podcast]

Hey, people! As I've mentioned in a couple articles before, I have been expanding my sources for literary entertainment quite a bit recently. I have started reading webcomics (I'm so addicted, seriously, send help), and, I have also discovered fiction podcasts! Well, not that many of them yet, but hey, this is new for me.... Lire la Suite →

Air Awakens – Elise Kova

Please note this article will be in two parts. The first half will be a general, spoiler-free comment on the series. In the second part, I will go over each book in further details, so be warned: there will be spoilers. Full set This series was an awesome discovery. I pretty much read it in... Lire la Suite →

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