Quelques flops et navets

Les lectures, quand ça se passe bien, c'est génial. Mais de temps en temps, on tombe sur des livres qui ne nous plaisent pas du tout. Ces dernières années, en particulier, j'ai eu la main assez triste, et la liste de ces malheureux écrits s'en trouve assez longue. Ceci dit, les confinements y sont peut-être... Lire la Suite →

Girls of Paper and Fire #1 – Natasha Ngan

First off, this cover is a thing of beauty! Unfortunately I didn't think the contents matched the promise set by this stunning cover. Undoubtedly YA in the quality of writing and of the plot, it is important to note that the book tackles themes of violence, including sexual. Thankfully, these sensitive topics are flagged at... Lire la Suite →

Sweet & Bitter Magic – Adrienne Tooley

[YA, fantasy, LGBTQ+] A nice YA read. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace. Not really slow but slower than most books I've read recently. I got plenty of time to discover the characters. Not hugely original, but good world-building regardless. I just very simply enjoyed the journey this book took me on. I didn't feel... Lire la Suite →

Big Bad Wolf – Charlie Adhara

Big Bad Wolf is a surprisingly good, on-going m/m, thriller, shifter series written by Charlie Adhara, and published by Carina Press. And here is my review on the series. It is a long review, much longer than my usual articles. Why is that? Well, several reasons. First: I have time. Plenty of time. Second: I... Lire la Suite →

Captive Prince trilogy

This finished trilogy, written by S.U. Pacat (or C.S. Pacat depending on the edition) is a pearl ! Let me find words to characterise this trilogy: masterful, intense, hot! While the cover looks pretty boring, it hides a amazing piece of work that will take your breath away. ~~ Damen is a warrior hero to... Lire la Suite →

Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

If one sentence could summarise my feelings about this series, it would be this : How had I not heard about this before?? Early in 2020, Sarah J. Maas transformed from a name I had never heard to one of my favourite authors. Throne of Glass is only one of her series, and not even... Lire la Suite →

Fantasy Adulte

Salut les amis lecteurs ! Je me suis dit que j’allais vous faire une petite liste de mon genre préféré : le fantasy adulte! Genre moins connu que son équivalent jeunesse, il souffre souvent de stéréotypes certes partiellement fondés, mais souvent réducteurs! Alors qu’il s’agit en fait d’un ensemble de sous-genres tellement large qu’il est... Lire la Suite →

Air Awakens – Elise Kova

Please note this article will be in two parts. The first half will be a general, spoiler-free comment on the series. In the second part, I will go over each book in further details, so be warned: there will be spoilers. Full set This series was an awesome discovery. I pretty much read it in... Lire la Suite →

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